An Introduction to Risch Results

An Introduction to Risch Results


R_soloRisch Results specializes in employee recruiting as well as employee and manager development.  Our approach begins and continues with communication with our clients to provide a customized solution that continues to guide organizations to a higher level of performance.

In today’s fast paced and ever changing business world, it is not always easy to stay ahead.  A key factor in any organization’s success is making the most of your current human resources and assessing future potential- this is where Risch Results has the experience and expertise to help you.

Partnering with you, we are at hand to provide advice and solutions proven effective in the following areas:

While other recruiting firms recycle resumes, we provide a fresh and customized search for each position. Our combination of web-based sourcing, networking, and strategic advertisement brings you only the most promising candidates. In addition, we screen, we call references, we support you during the interview process and anything else to make your job all the easier.

We provide the right balance of insight and expertise to help you build the most productive teams. Let us help you keep conflicts down and productivity up.

We help you design a custom-made performance process to properly assess employee performance. Maximize your employees with an effective performance management process.

We custom design training programs to fit your unique needs.


Jolene Risch founded Risch Results with the goal to provide custom-tailored recruiting services to small and medium size business. In nearly ten years, Risch Results has steadily grown from a small Dallas-based firm to one that operates within numerous major U.S. cities: Dallas, New York, Chicago, San Francisco and many more.


Risch Results has the capabilities to provide service in all 50 states of the U.S. Over the past ten years, Risch Results has assessed the potential of individuals in a broad range of companies:

  • Industries: Banking and mortgage, insurance, oil and gas, IT, hospitality, accounting, consulting, medical, global consulting, and manufacturing.
  • Sectors: For-profit and not-for-profit.
  • Size: Start-ups to national organizations-and anything in between.


The Risch Results Approach

What distinguishes our approach is the relationship we develop with you.  We take very seriously the honor of partnering with you, understanding your business needs and taking the time to get to know you and your company thoroughly.  It is important that we become familiar with the requirements of your roles, the key requirements of your roles, the key components for success in your environment and your particular management style.  This deep understanding of your business results in a solution that is specifically tailored for your needs and we are with you through the entire process, committed to your success.