ManufacturingEven though it’s an industry that’s been around for centuries, manufacturing has undergone more changes over the last few decades than ever before. Today, data gets transmitted at the speed of light, and you might have individuals across the globe collaborating on a single project. Recruiting for manufacturing positions has to take this global approach into consideration and must constantly continue to evolve with the times.

The team at Risch Results recognizes that your manufacturing talent needs to be able to adapt on the spot and approach new challenges by thinking outside the box. From the designers who dream up new products to the engineers who help make them a reality, our recruiters are committed to helping you find a team that is versed in the latest technology and knows how to implement it to achieve optimal results. President Jolene Risch has been in recruiting for more than 17 years and has developed expertise in matching talent with clients based on the nuances that make your company unique. From consumer and industrial products to medical, defense, and energy manufacturing, Risch Results is determined to find the perfect fit for your open positions.

No job is too big or too small, and we have experience hiring everyone from administrators to executives. Our number one goal is to exceed what our clients have come to expect from a recruiting firm. We view our relationships with the companies we work with as our top priority, and we’ve been thrilled with all the clients that come back to us year after year. Collaboration is key, and we won’t be happy with the job we’ve done unless we know you’re happy with the talent we’ve helped you to find.