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Employee Performance Support

Employee performance is one of the most important aspects of your business. It is essential that you are aware of what it takes to ensure that your employees are performing to the best of their ability. For this to happen, managers must know each of their employees and what they need in order to excel. Always keep in mind that every employee is different and have different needs.

To be an effective manager requires knowing your people.

To produce a top performing team requires knowing what motivates each employee and equipping them to take responsibility for their own performance and development.

How do I motivate each employee?

Each and every person is different. For example, some need encouragement, some need more direction, while others naturally take the lead.  The most effective way to help employees reach their full potential is understanding what motivates them, and our approach does just that. With this knowledge, you will be better able to understand the needs of your employees, equipping and motivating them to accomplish superior results.

How do I communicate feedback to each employee?


Employee turnover can be a major problem for small business owners.

An effective performance management process equips and motivates people to take responsibility for their own performance and to accomplish superior results. Yet many companies do not clearly define and communicate critical measures of performance to their employees, and this often leads to lower levels of accomplishment and higher turnover.

At Risch Results we partner with you to design and execute a custom performance management process that works for your business.  The process is based on each employee’s job and allows you to clarify goals and expectations, while drawing upon the individual’s own strengths.  Action plans for continued improvement are always included.  We train your managers to communicate feedback both informally and formally.  And finally, we train your employees , many of whom may never have been a part of such a process to use the feedback that they receive to their benefit.

Acknowledging individual motivations and maximizing the abilities of each of your employees, you will see that your own goals are being met while your employees feel valued and motivated as they contribute to your company.  Your employees will be encouraged to achieve more and be more fully invested in the goals of their company as they learn to take responsibility for their own performance.


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