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Recruitment and Selection


Finding and keeping the best team players for your organization can be a daunting challenge. Risch Results provides experience and highly developed skills in designing and executing a hiring process tailored to the needs of your business.

Whatever your hiring objectives, we are here to support and guide you until you achieve them. We will personally work with you to attract and select the best people while minimizing the time and expense you need to invest in the process.

At Risch Results we will help you with everything from designing your selection process to evaluating your most promising applicants. We begin by getting to know your company, including your particular management approach, the requirements you have set for your key positions and the qualities needed for success.

We will develop targeted interview questions to delve below surface impressions. Then, through the insights gleaned from extensive screening of the candidates and their references we are able to provide you with a clear and objective perspective of an applicant’s strengths, possible limitations and ultimately, potential for success with your company. In effect, we seamlessly take on the role of a visiting HR Director as you manage your business, providing you a service that is generally available only to large corporations.

Our Services Include:

  • Needs Analysis: to learn about your organization’s culture and goals
  • Preparation of the job description
  • Development of advertising and media to reach multiple qualified candidates
  • Web-based sourcing for each position
  • First round screening and notes on every candidate
  • Recruiting candidates and screening resumes, presenting the best candidates
  • Interview professional references of top candidates
  • Planning and conducting effective first interviews (alone or with supervisor)
  • Careful design of second interviews to “fill in the holes”, including situational questions
  • Background checks that include both criminal and credit screens
  • Providing a sounding board for the employer and a directed focus on hiring the right candidate based on the organization’s culture and the job description
  • Retention strategies: We can conduct customized recruiting workshops, which enhance interview techniques and selection skills of your managers and supervisors

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