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Team Building

Building Teams to Help Reach their Full Potential Enables Companies to Exceed Expectations.


A frequent obstacle to the success of an organization, large or small, is building a team of people working towards the same goal, who, in other situations,  might not necessarily work well together. Managers often spend too much time dealing with conflict and watching productivity fall.

In the delicate process of promoting peak performance through corporate team building, success is measured in two ways: keeping conflicts down and productivity up.

At Risch Results  we take an in-depth approach to corporate team building by combining individual counseling and development with a comprehensive assessment of how the team currently works and assessing your company’s needs through the 360-degree Conflict Dynamics Profile (CDP) Assessment.  The CDP provides your organization with a strategy for addressing workplace conflict as well as improving individual and team performance.  Each individual profile will leave your employees with an understanding of their “hot buttons” as well as how they perceive the way theyrespond to conflict.  They will learn how others view their response to conflict and how their response impacts their position in a particular organization?

When you have insights into the dynamics of a team – and of each individual member – you are able to open lines of communication, understand how to overcome differences, and ensure that you have people in place who complement each other. Management time spent in dealing with conflicts will decrease and leadership capabilities will increase.  In essence your team will learn to build a “win-win” conflict culture.

In such an environment, individuals can support one another, solve problems together, and bring the strengths needed to achieve desired results.


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