Company: Utility Company

Industry: Utilities

Service Category: Direct Hire

The Challenge: The client, a rapidly growing utility company in Merrillville, Indiana, needed to hire their first HR Director. The small company needed a director-level professional who was both tactical and strategic.

The company has employees in multiple locations, so they needed an HR professional that was accustomed to working with employees in different states. The candidates also needed experience with both exempt and nonexempt payroll. One recruiting challenge we faced was finding enough talent in the small town of Merrillville. Candidates from the larger nearby city of Chicago had much higher salary requirements.

What Set this Search Apart: A small geographic candidate pool made finding the right person more challenging.

The Approach: We submitted two candidates within a few days of starting the search. One had industry experience and the other came from the hospitality industry. With input from the CEO and the Managing Partner, Risch Results set up interviews, checked references, and conducted background checks. The CEO conducted in-person interviews and the managing partner conducted Zoom interviews with the candidates.

The Results: The search took less than a month to complete. Both candidates were strong fits, and they ended up hiring the candidate from the hospitality industry.