Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Our mission at Risch Results is to help our clients build diverse and dynamic teams. We believe that we cannot have equitable communities until we work to build equitable organizations. That’s why we cast a wide net in every search, reaching a diverse pool of qualified candidates for each position we fill.

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Our DE&I Capabilities

We help organizations mitigate bias from the hiring process. Unconscious biases can often impact where we look for talent, the people we choose to interview, and those we eventually hire. We help leaders become aware of potential unconscious biases so their organizations can benefit from the innovation that comes from diverse ideas, experiences, and backgrounds.

We train our own team and clients in these best practices, giving careful thought to each part of the talent acquisition process. We evaluate job descriptions, resume reviews, interviews, and more to ensure inclusion.

We also share what we’ve learned through a variety of engagements:

Unconscious Bias in Hiring and Recruitment

  • Training for organization and leaders
  • Speaking and panels
  • Events and workshops
  • Thought leadership articles and op-eds

Learn more about mitigating unconscious bias from the hiring process.

DE&I Recruitment: Education, Training and Thought Leadership Topics

We offer training for hiring managers, leaders, organizations, and teams. Our team frequently offers thought leadership in presentations, panels, podcasts, articles, and custom workshops.

    • Mitigating unconscious bias from hiring and recruitment
    • Finding great talent in a tight market
    • Accessing a more diverse candidate pool

Learn more about mitigating unconscious bias from the hiring process.

DE&I Articles:

4 ways to encourage an unbiased hiring process

How does bias enter the hiring process? It’s a difficult time to be hiring. The future of many industries remains uncertain in the wake of tech layoffs. The market feels flooded with candidates in some industries, while others experience a shortage. No matter what, the pressure to find the right person to fill a vacant position is at an all time high. Many leaders reflect on their business practices, especially[…]

How to Write Your Company’s DEI Statement

Since its inception, Risch Results has been committed to building talented, diverse, and transformative teams. However, it was only recently that we wrote our own DEI statement. The process was powerful and transformative! We’re so proud of the statement we came up with, the way we wrote it as a collective team, and how it helps us stay accountable to our larger mission. We want to share both our DEI[…]

Event Recap: DEI and Unconscious Bias

Our team kicked off our first DEI and Unconscious Bias event of 2022 in February. We were honored to host an esteemed panel of experts to lead our conversation. They shared insights as thought leaders in diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace. Our guests engaged in learning and discussions they could bring back to their own organizations. At Risch Results, we believe we cannot have diverse, inclusive, equitable communities[…]

Event Recap: Unconscious Bias and Hiring

No matter what decision we’re making, our experiences, interests, world views, and values will impact the outcome. Often, these influences are unconscious. The impacting our choices in ways we aren’t even aware. When it comes to hiring, we all come to the table with unconscious biases. Even when we have the best intentions, this can impact who we decide to interview, hire, and promote. And, those decisions shape every single[…]

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion