Giving Back to the Community Is Well Received among Job Candidates

By Catherine Cuellar, Director of EFNT and Jolene Risch 

Risch Results
Community Involvement

If employee retention is an employer’s goal, then engagement must be part of the business mission. When companies embark on talent acquisition efforts, they often overlook the value of publicizing their organization’s role within the community it serves. We know that companies involved in the community and advocating philanthropic pursuits are viewed as socially responsible and caring. Potential employees, particularly millennials, perceive that these organizations look beyond their own boardrooms to focus on the greater good. For many socially-minded people, this makes a difference in deciding where they want to work—and where they want to stay for the long term.

Use What You Know for Good

Philanthropy, good corporate citizenship, and corporate social responsibility have become important components of corporate strategy. Organizations can use what they know (the core competencies) for a larger cause, which is why corporate social initiatives provide a greater benefit to the firm’s reputation (and brand) than traditional corporate philanthropy. Many organizations choose to support community programs that are “near and dear” to stakeholders’ hearts, and by doing so, there is greater buy in, support, and passion for their charitable work.

Even small organizations like Risch Results have the opportunity to support the community. For example, our firm is active in Entrepreneurs For North Texas (EFNT), which serves the North Texas business community by leveraging its network of early stage, small and mid-size businesses, investors, and professional service providers to give back through social programs. EFNT is a way for firms of all sizes to align with other like-minded companies to accomplish initiatives that help to make the world a better place. Through organizations like EFNT, everyone in any industry can make a difference.

How to Show Your Organization Cares

Did you know that companies prioritizing community involvement have happier employees and more loyal customers? It’s important for companies to create a variety of corporate social initiatives in order to give everyone in the organization a chance to participate. When looking for new talent, remember to tell job candidates about the organization’s socially-minded activities. Include the company’s values and examples of community involvement in the job description so candidates learn early on about the corporate culture—and know what’s expected of them as well.

Fostering employee engagement and retention is key to driving a business forward. By focusing on community involvement and creating opportunities for employees to contribute, your company can foster loyalty, job sustainability, and personal satisfaction.

Risch Results is one of Dallas’ top executive search firms for executive management, manufacturing, and financial services talent. Learn more about how Risch Results can help with your talent needs at RischResults.com or 972.839.9447. Entrepreneurs For North Texas (EFNT) assists our Member Companies in harnessing the power of their corporate assets through philanthropy and community programs in order to serve social needs while meeting corporate objectives. EFNT provides the due diligence in identifying the most strategic alliances with nonprofit organizations for its Member Companies so that maximum impact on both the company and the community can be achieved. Additionally, EFNT hosts networking events that celebrate corporate philanthropy, tap into the wisdom of accomplished business leaders and provide an exclusive environment for a community of like-minded good corporate citizens. Learn more at EFNT.org.

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