Interview Tips

There are many places to go to search for tips for the interviewees; But as an interviewer, the hiring manager or the boss, where do you go.  Look no further!  Here are a few tips that are helpful to keep in mind before you begin the interview process.

1.  Confirm the interview in advance.

2.  Be on time.  Its a reflection on you and the place you work.

3.  Get up from behind your desk to conduct the interview.

4.  Limit your overview on yourself and the business to 5-6 minutes.

5.  Make sure your questions are prepared in advance so you can focus on the answers the applicant is giving and follow-up questions.

6.  Ask follow-up questions.  The more you can dig into their experience, the more you understand if they have what you are looking for.

7.  Ask more follow-up questions.  Nothing wrong with trying their patience just a bit.  Lets see how they respond

8.   Do not ask if they can do x or y.  Ask them to tell you about a time they were successful at doing x and y.  And then ask for a time they were not successful at doing x or y.  Then go back to tip 6 and tip 7.

9.  Allow time for the candidate to ask you questions either during the interview or at the end.

10.  Do not go beyond an hour.  If you like them invite them back for a 2nd interview.

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