Scalable and Flexible Solutions

We offer scalable and flexible solutions to our clients. We watch hiring and staffing trends and help our clients examine which strategies work best for their specific business. We will personally work with you to attract and select the best people while minimizing the time and expense you need to invest in the process. At Risch Results, we will help you with everything from designing your selection process to evaluating your most promising applicants. We begin by getting to know your company, including your management approach, the requirements you have set for your key positions and the qualities needed for success.

We will develop targeted interview questions to delve below surface impressions. Then, through the insights gleaned from extensive screening of the candidates and their references we can provide you with a clear and objective perspective of an applicant’s strengths, possible limitations and ultimately, potential for success with your company. In effect, we seamlessly take on the role of a visiting HR Director as you manage your business, providing you a service that is generally available only to large corporations.

Because the workforce is constantly changing both in demographics and demands, we have recently begun offering staffing solutions for contract-to-permanent placement in several key areas including finance, marketing, human resources and consulting.

Value-Added Services Beyond Recruiting

We also offer value-added services beyond recruiting, such as organizational assessments, third-party compensation negotiations and workforce assessments.

Organizational Assessments

An organizational assessment is the process of interviewing every employee, both in person and anonymously, within an organization/division/department to collect valid information about the organization’s performance, as well as the factors that affect performance. Results demonstrate areas of competence, the need for improvement, and possible risks. They also provide insight to help support investment and restructuring decisions. If a company is experiencing turn-over it often makes sense to conduct an assessment prior to beginning the recruitment process.

Compensation Negotiation

Salary negotiations involve discussing a job offer with a prospective candidate to determine a salary and a benefits package which can include bonuses, stock options, benefits, perks, vacation time and more. It’s often helpful to have a confidential, third-party handle compensation negotiation and Risch Results provides this support for our clients.

Employee Assessments

Employee assessments help you make better personnel decisions by providing consistent, in-depth, objective information. Many companies are already using assessments as part of their hiring process and we will incorporate those into our screening and interviewing process. For those clients that are not currently using as assessment, Risch Results can make a recommendation on an assessment tool that will be the best fit for your organization.