What are Outplacement Services?

A benefit provided by a company, at their cost, to laid off employees to help them find a new job.


Overview of Outplacement Services

Companies that provide outplacement services will enable people to secure another role faster, while showing the remaining employees that you are an organization that cares.

By partnering with us, employees can expect high levels of support throughout a very stressful time. With the right tools and experts on hand we offer employees services such as:

• Resume reviews
• LinkedIn profile assessments
• Job search training and advice
• Career counseling
• Interview preparation
• Personalized, professional coaching

Benefits for this investment:

Not only is it the right thing to do for your employees,
it also:

  • Protects a brand’s reputation by how they handle this situation.
  • Reduces risk of litigation for unlawful dismissal.
  • Helps laid off employees find work quicker.
  • Provides invaluable counseling to the employee.
  • Boosts morale and increases loyalty from remaining employees.

How much does Outplacement Services cost?

We have flexible options to choose from based on the type of position, the number of employees, and the duration of support.

We would love the opportunity to provide you with a custom proposal to meet your individual needs. We can be reached day or night by phone (972-839-9447) or email.