Enterprising Women Names Dallas Business Leader Jolene Risch to its Advisory Board

RALEIGH, N.C., March 31 – Monica Smiley, CEO and publisher of Enterprising Women magazine, has appointed Jolene Risch to the Enterprising Women Advisory Board.

“Jolene Risch enables business growth by unleashing the potential of companies and their people through her strategic, creative, technological expertise. Enterprising Women is proud to welcome her to lend her wisdom and passion to our organization as a member of our Advisory Board,” said Smiley.

Enterprising Women, the nation’s only women-owned magazine published exclusively for women business owners, chronicles the growing political, economic, and social influence and power of entrepreneurial women in 185 countries.

Jolene Risch uses her 25 years of experience in Human Resources to lead a national recruiting firm that specializes in the identification and placement of exceptional talent for growing, dynamic and diverse teams.

RISCH RESULTS, A WBENC-Certified Women’s Business Enterprise (WBE), uses a unique approach to recruit and place outstanding individuals into positions in accounting, finance, sales, marketing, human resources, and operations. Recent clients include companies in construction, manufacturing, technology, service, healthcare, and non-profit, who frequently look to Risch Results to recruit for multiple positions.

A Graduate of the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses Intensive Program and the Kellogg Non-Profit Board Member Institute, Risch also serves her profession and her community on the Dream Team Professional Women’s Network (Founder and Immediate Past President), Executive Search Owners Association (membership chair) and Communities Foundation of Texas for Business. She is an active board member of the Dallas Holocaust and Human Rights Museum, the Dallas Hebrew Free Loan Association, and currently mentors women and serves on the development committee of WINGS Dallas. Risch is a 2020 Enterprising Women of the Year Award Winner.

Risch also mentors two college students developing a platform that matches students with small businesses to gain work experience in creative ways. https://www.rischresults.com/

Enterprising Women, with headquarters in Cary, North Carolina, is the nation’s only women-owned magazine published exclusively for women business owners that chronicles the growing political, economic and social influence and power of entrepreneurial women. The magazine provides a friendly meeting place, a public forum and a national stage for the critical issues confronting women’s businesses and daily lives from the unique perspectives and experiences of entrepreneurial women. Published in both print and digital editions, the online edition of the magazine reaches one million readers in 185 countries. For more information, please visit https://enterprisingwomen.com or call (919) 362-1551.


Risch Results Exclusive Interview with Dr. Alicia Makaye Co-founder of GXA

Risch Results Exclusive Interview with Dr. Alicia Makaye Co-founder of GXA

86% of women seek employers with diversity and inclusion strategies. Jolene speaks with Co-founder of GXA, Dr. Alicia Makaye, about her professional journey and why owning an IT company is attainable for all women.

This Interview is Beneficial For:

  • Women Entrepreneurs
  • IT Industry Professionals
  • Companies Seeking Diversity Strategies
  • Companies Affected by the COVID-19 Pandemic

Most recently Dr. Makaye was recognized as the 2020 Women’s Veterans Enterprise Center Business Pitch Winner for State of Texas; SEI Dallas Women in Technology Luminary Award Nominee 2020; Dallas Business Journal Minority Business LeaderAward 2019; Alumna of the Year at UT-Dallas – Public and Nonprofit Management Program 2019; Greater Dallas Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Minority Women Business Entrepreneur of the Year Award 2019.

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    About Dr. Alicia Makaye

    Dr. Alicia Makaye. is the President and CEO of GXA, a Dallas-Fort Worth area IT Solutions provider that helps other businesses take command and control of their IT. The “A” in GXA, Dr. Alicia Makaye co-founded the company with her spouse George Makaye in 2004. She thrives in her diverse roles – award-winning entrepreneur, philanthropist, U.S. Air Force veteran, wife, and mother of two.

    Dr. Makaye frequently speaks and participates in activities that foster youth development. She currently serves as a member of the Board of Directors of the Dallas College Foundation as well as on the UT Dallas Diversity Advisory Council and MPA Advisory Board. She also is an Advisory Board Member for the Richardson Chamber of Commerce.  Dr. Makaye has led the GXA community outreach initiatives including Adopting a Veteran Family, providing financial literacy workshops for the youth and backpack drives. GXA collected and donated over 100 computers to Imani Bridges to empower men and women in Nigeria. In 2018, GXA collected and donated over 300 computers to the community locally and internationally.


    Mentorship: Risch Results and Rize Students

    Mentorship: Risch Results and Rize Students

    Jolene Risch standing with founders of Rize

    When Tulane sophomores Sofia Viscuso and Matthew Friedman watched their classmates’ internships fall through because of the pandemic, they knew they needed to come up with a solution. Students need work experience on their resumes before they graduate. And companies, who may not have had the resources during the pandemic to hire and manage interns, still had projects they needed to complete.

    Their solution was Rize, a platform connecting college students to paid, remote, short term projects. The business is a win-win. Students can collect valuable work experience (and contacts) from a variety of companies. Small businesses can post turn-key projects for qualified students who can help them meet their business goals.

    Jolene Risch is passionate about mentoring students, supporting small businesses, and helping people become more employable. As an advisor and mentor to Rize, she’s enjoyed sharing her business and recruiting industry knowledge with founders Sofia and Matthew.

    “You absolutely must find ways to develop marketable and employable skills,” Jolene shared. “It’s very hard for college students to find positions when unemployment is high. This is a great way to learn new skills.”

    Want to learn more about Rize? Visit rizestudent.com to learn about the platform or post a project for your business. Learn more about Rize’s inspiring founders, Sofia and Matthew, on their LinkedIn profiles.


    2021 Hiring Trends: How leaders can prepare for the year ahead

    2021 Hiring Trends: How leaders can prepare for the year ahead

    How will leaders meet their hiring and retention goals?  

    More than 9 million jobs remain lost from the pandemic, but a pivot in the economy is expected. With rising COVID-19 counts entering 2021, and the promising availability of a vaccine, there are themes to watch regarding talent and location strategies for talent acquisition.

    At the forefront of 2021 planning, there are several questions looming like when the pace of hiring will accelerate, and who will see the impact first.

    This session will help provide key insights on:

    • What to expect for jobs, talent supply and hiring across the greater Dallas area
    • Recovery timelines for key locations and industries across the U.S.
    • Challenges companies and job candidates will face in 2021
    • Why diversity measures remain at the forefront of planning in 2021

    Join Jolene Risch, President of Risch Results and Jay Denton, Senior Vice President of Business Intelligence and Chief Innovation Officer of Think Why as they discuss how leaders can meet their diversity goals in the current market.  

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      About the Speakers

      Jolene Risch, President and Founder of Risch Results 

      Jolene Risch founded Risch Results in 2007 after seeing local companies struggle with successfully meeting their goals for recruiting and business growth in today’s rapidly changing workplace. Leveraging 20+ years of experience, Jolene has developed a variety of innovative tools to design and deliver solutions for improved organizational performance. While Risch Results started as a small Dallas-based consulting company, today we also recruit for top talent in New York, Chicago, San Francisco, and other major U.S. cities.

      Jolene acts as the head contact for all projects and works directly with clients to ensure that Risch Results provides exemplary services. She understands that each organization is different and designs each client solution based on an in-depth assessment.

      Jay Denton, Senior Vice President of Business Intelligence and Chief Innovation Officer of LaborIQ® by ThinkWhy

      Jay Denton serves as senior vice president of business intelligence and chief innovation officer for ThinkWhy. In addition to leading the company’s business intelligence unit and product innovations, Denton’s focus is on sustaining a culture of thought leadership.  His expertise in market analytics and media engagement are a cornerstone for the organization.

      Prior to joining ThinkWhy, Denton was senior vice president of business intelligence at one of the largest U.S. multifamily investment and management firms. He led the company’s market research efforts, as well as the creation of the company’s next-gen BI platform which was described as a key differentiator during subsequent fundraising initiatives. Denton brings more than 15 years of leadership experience in SaaS organizations, including the role of senior vice president of analytics where his responsibilities included product creation, client consulting and predictive analytics. 

      Denton earned a dual BBA degree in Management Information Systems and General Business at Texas Tech’s Rawls College of Business.

      About LaborIQ® by ThinkWhy®:

      LaborIQ® by ThinkWhy is a breakthrough technology providing talent acquisition professionals with data-driven solutions to grow their bottom line. 

      LaborIQ by ThinkWhy’s talent tech helps win candidates – and clients – with the most precise market analysis and salary answers for over 20,000 job titles, across all U.S. cities and industries. LaborIQ’s employment reporting and forecasts, talent supply and demand, compensation benchmarking, and custom reporting tools deliver a competitive advantage in talent acquisition.


      How Can Your Company Embrace Diversity?

      How Can Your Company Embrace Diversity?

      MOI is an interior solutions provider that furnishes any commercial space from floor to ceiling. The company recently came together and started a Diversity & Inclusion program. In this interview, MOI will share how they identified the lack of diversity in their company and the action steps the took to face this issue head on.

      By embracing your company’s weaknesses and learning from them, you can work to grow your professional environment and welcome diverse ideas.


      7 Tips for Hiring the Best Salespeople

      7 Tips for Hiring the Best Salespeople

      Over the past few months, there’s one question we’ve received more than any other: How do I hire  sales talent? 

      Investing in your sales team is one of the most important things you can do to grow your business. But as we all know, finding (and retaining) great salespeople is no easy task. Here are a few or our tips for hiring the best salespeople. 

      Create a competitive sales compensation plan 

      To attract and retain the best talent, create a  compensation plan that motivates your sales team. From bonuses to commissions to quotas, understand how to remain competitive in your industry and drive the behavior your business needs to thrive. Put together a detailed plan, even down to the timing of bonuses, to keep the team engaged throughout the year. 

      Keep in mind how important retention is when it comes to your sales team. Studies show the annual turnover rate in sales is 25 to 30 percent. Losing a great salesperson is expensive and time-consuming, which is even more reason to make sure you’re making a great hire. 

      Determine your business needs 

      Before you hire, make sure you know exactly what skills and tasks your business needs. Does  your organization need a hunter or a farmer? Is there a heavy focus on customer service, consulting, presentation, travel, or communication? To find and attract the right candidates, you first need to be clear about the job they’re trying to fill. 

      Look beyond the resume and interview

      Of course reviewing resumes and interviewing candidates will be a part of your talent search. But to find the right salesperson, it can’t stop there. First, consider using assessment tools to help evaluate a candidate’s skills. Also make sure to thoroughly check references to determine if sales goals have been consistently met in the past. 

      Consider candidates from different industries 

      Industry knowledge is important, but don’t let it narrow your search to exclude great candidates. A point of view from a different industry could be the hook needed to get in the door with new customers, in addition to bringing new ideas to your company.  

      Sometimes, a candidate from a different industry may have experience selling into the same markets. For example, there are many industries that sell into healthcare. Broadening these parameters may allow you to find top talent. 

      Build up your brand and company culture

      It’s attractive for talented salespeople to work for companies with established brands, positive company culture, and industry credibility. To bring in a top performing sales team, your company should consistently invest in its own brand. 

      It’s likely that your next great hire will be a passive job candidate–someone who isn’t currently looking for a new job. That makes it even more important that you’re able to sell your company and the job to potential candidates. 

      Dig into what motivates your candidates

      To build a high performing sales team, there’s almost nothing more important to understand than motivation. During the interview process, figure out what motivates the candidate. Then, make sure that it aligns with your company values and culture. At Risch Results, we use an assessment tool called MotivIQ to help us dig into motivating factors. 

      Create a training plan

      Be prepared for a thorough training on your products within the first week.  A new salesperson will probably already be familiar with lead tracking and research. What they’ll need, however, is an intimate understanding of your product and what makes it special. 

      Talented salespeople will seek jobs where they know they can be successful. A robust training program with ongoing opportunities for professional development will bring in motivated candidates looking to grow with your company. 

      Need support in hiring your next top performing salesperson? 

      Risch Results is here to help. From the candidate search to assessment tools to interviews, we walk our clients through every step of the hiring process. Reach out today to learn more about how we can help. 


      How to Improve Your Company’s Hiring During the Pandemic

      How to Improve Your Company’s Hiring During the Pandemic

      Companies hiring during the pandemic have the advantage of a large, talented candidate pool. Between massive pandemic-induced layoffs and the rise of the remote workforce, now is an unprecedented time for recruiters to attract qualified, experienced candidates.

      That doesn’t make coronavirus hiring any easier, though. First, companies are met with the challenge of effectively vetting the onslaught of applicants. Second, COVID-19 has caused an imbalance in the talent pool. Industries like hospitality, hit hardest during the pandemic, have been forced to let go of their top performers while few new vacancies open up. Industries like tech and construction have continued to hire and grow.

      Despite the challenges, it’s still possible for hiring teams in all industries to improve their pandemic recruitment processes. Here are our top tips.

      Seize the Opportunity to Hire During the Pandemic

      It’s true that COVID-19 has dealt many industries and businesses monumental losses. It’s also true that investing in great talent when it’s available can provide businesses monumental gains. The founders of HP famously continued hiring during the downturn in the 1940s. When asked later how they could afford to hire during such a difficult time, they answered, “How could we afford not to?”

      If it’s possible, leverage the talent of the leaders, thinkers, and workers who have lost their jobs or would consider a change in 2020. In the years to come, your company could greatly benefit from the experience and ideas they bring to the table.

      Look for Transferable Skills

      As certain industries hemorrhage employees, it’s to your advantage to consider hiring candidates who don’t have traditional experience in your industry. Think about the hard and soft skills most important to the position. These skills could be transferable from any industry, and searching for them may open your search to top talent.

      Skills like marketing or accounting don’t necessarily need to be industry specific. Could communication, time management, tech-savviness, or leadership experience outweigh industry knowledge? Recruiters and hiring teams should open their search to candidates with transferable skills and the drive to learn.

      Ask Better Questions

      Managing your recruitment process virtually isn’t easy. Video interviews may never be able to fully replace the experience of talking to someone face to face. However, asking the right questions can both narrow your candidate pool to the right applicants and help you find the right person to hire.

      First, consider asking tougher pre-screening questions. It’s important to be able to narrow your search (and your time) to applicants who are truly serious about wanting the job–especially if you have an overwhelming number of candidates. “What is your experience working alone on your computer all day? What has been the biggest challenge?” may allow some candidates to opt out if the job isn’t a fit.

      Second, ask behavioral interview questions like, “Tell me about a typical day at your last job.” Or, “Tell me about a time when you were asked to do some last minute assignments after your day was already planned.” These lead the candidate to tell their own story about whether they’re going to be a match for your company values and culture.

      Don’t Underestimate the Importance of Retaining and Developing Current Employees

      Finally, it’s not just recruiting during COVID-19 that’s important. Put just as much emphasis on retaining your best employees. Don’t lose your best people to another company. Now is the time to bolster the ways you care for employees and develop the talent who will lead you through 2021. Not only will it benefit your existing company culture, but it will also help you attract your next great hire.


      Risch Results Interview with Sofiya Deva – How Can You Thrive as a Leader in This Emerging Culture of Accountability?

      Risch Results Interview with Sofiya Deva – How Can You Thrive as a Leader in This Emerging Culture of Accountability?

      Pushing out sensitive messaging around inclusion is just the first step in holding your company accountable. In this webinar, we discuss how you can carry out your accountability further through your company’s operations and organization beyond messaging. 

      Jolene speaks with Sofiya Deva, Founder and CEO of This Same Sky. Sofiya describes this emerging culture of accountability as a public defense against corporate hypocrisy. She shares the three principles for creating customer loyalty as presented at Adobe’s Annual Experience Makers Event.

      Sofiya grew up in a combination of India, New York and Dallas, and has felt like a global citizen for as long as she can remember. She’s been a yoga teacher, a magazine editor, a creative director and a marketing exec, but at her heart, has always dreamed of creating a smaller, stranger world.

      For more interviews like this, visit here.


      Risch Results Interview with Rebecca Heiss

      Risch Results Interview with Rebecca Heiss

      How do you bridge the gap between wanting to be a diverse and inclusive company to being that company? 

      Jolene speaks with Rebecca Heiss, CEO and Founder at Icueity, LLC to identify commonalities of diverse and inclusive business leaders.

      Rebecca has been speaking to leaders and professionals for 7 years and is passionate about why we behave the way we do, especially when we are under stress. 

      Diversity goes beyond race and religion. With diversity, comes stability. Diversity gives us different approaches to the same problem.”

      By being open to learning, you can create an inclusive professional environment where diverse ideas are welcomed. Be open to uncomfortable conversations and accept that mistakes can be made in order to grow. 

      More about Dr. Rebecca Heiss

      Rebecca’s Bio

      Her book, Instinct, is available for pre-order now

      Rebecca is also a TED Talk speaker, view her talk: Ghostbusting Our Evolutionary “Other” 

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